Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time
Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time


About Us

Trinity Rehabilitation is a Mississippi-based, privately owned corporation, established in 1995 by Karel and Susan Speetjens. We are committed to our customers and expect our staff to be ethical, fair, and enthusiastic about customer service. We pride ourselves in our competitive, fair pricing, unrivaled reputation in the healthcare community, and the excellent service provided by our loyal staff.

Our Mission

Trinity Rehabilitation is committed to providing high-quality, cost effective rehabilitation to patients, along with excellent customer service. We are committed to providing rehab programs that are financially successful and patient directed.

Our Philosophy

Trinity Rehabilitation understands the importance of choosing the best therapy provider. At Trinity, our customers and their patients come first. We take great pride in delivering services that improve the quality of life of those we serve.

In today’s complex business of health care, achieving the full potential for your facility should not be overshadowed by the rapidly changing economic, regulatory, and competitive circumstances. Trinity Rehabilitation is fully committed to assisting you in achieving your fullest potential and providing you with a customized rehab service arrangement.

Trinity Rehabilitation is committed to our customers Trinity’s staff is ethical, fair, and fanatical about patient care and customer service. We are very proud to have loyal, long-term employees and an unrivaled reputation in the industry.

Trinity Rehabilitation is committed to providing high quality, cost-effective rehabilitation to patients and excellent service to our customers. We want to make sure that your rehab programs are financially successful.

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