Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time
Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time


“I’m Still Here”: A Dementia Care Program

Trinity Rehabilitation is proud to announce a new program called “I’m Still Here,” a dementia care program. Federal guidelines focus on the use of non-pharmaceutical approaches to reduce antipsychotic use in the population of SNF residents with dementia diagnosis, individualized person-centered approaches in personal appropriate care, and care tailored to all relevant considerations for the individual, including physical, functional, and psychosocial aspects.

The Dementia Capable Care approach to dementia care is a patient-centered care approach for residents with dementia that focuses on identifying remaining abilities to develop strategic plans to promote the best ability to function and train the caregivers to promote this level. Trinity Rehabilitation’s “I’m Still Here” program is a therapy-based program that utilizes the Dementia Capable Care program’s approaches to determine the individual’s cognitive level, his/her best ability to function, and the adequate cues and communication style to reduce and redirect any negative behaviors, reduce the use of pharmaceutical measures, necessary dependency on caregivers, and provide direction to promote participation in facility activities, promote communication, and quality of life.

Trinity’s “I’m Still Here” program begins with training the facility staff and therapists on the paradigm shift from the individual’s problem list, to promoting what function remains, to identifying and promoting the person that still remains. This course teaches participants the levels of dementia and the abilities that still remain at each level. The “I’m Still Here” therapy program follows the training, and it involves therapy interventions to promote the resident’s function in all aspects of life, and to also support the resident with negative behaviors. “I’m Still Here” promotes a behavior management approach to develop behavior management strategies that enhance communication techniques in effort to reduce the occurrence, potential, and/or limit the effects of these behaviors.

Denise Martin, MS, CCC/SLP, DCCT, Director of Operations, has received extensive training with Dementia Care Specialists to become a Dementia Care Capable Therapist, and she is certified to provide the Foundation Course. Staff therapists, including PT, OT, and SLPs, have been trained in this coursework to provide a basic framework for this program to advance our customer’s transition to a dementia-capable society. This dementia-capable society is where the individual with dementia lives a life of dignity and is able to function at their highest level. The foundation course is an extensive, seven-hour training course, appropriate for any and all staff interacting with your patient population.

“I’m Still Here” utilizes the therapy staff to determine the current level of dementia and develop a maintenance program that promotes the abilities with person-centered approaches to care. “I’m Still Here” also utilizes a “my stuff” personal interest survey, diagnostic testing measures, and specific directions for enhanced performance in ADLs, physical function, communication, and participation in activities of value.




Trinity Rehab is proud to announce a new program designed specifically for our ASSISTED LIVING customers.  Let’s Walk and Move is a RESTORATIVE program developed for maintenance of mobility and movement following a therapy program.  Let’s Walk and Move is a personalized program that involves individual or group exercise and individual ambulation of the ALF resident following discharge from skilled therapy.  Let’s Walk and Move is performed daily by Trinity Rehab’s trained restorative staff following a plan developed by a licensed therapist.  This program is available to any resident of the ALF regardless of diagnosis or level of ability.  It was specifically designed to help prevent declines in the residents of the ALF without need for ongoing skilled therapy when insurance will no longer cover therapy charges. 







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