Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time
Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time

Physical Therapy

Trinity’s physical therapists and PT assistants concentrate on improving strength, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance, and pain management. They instruct patients in skilled techniques to improve walking, climbing stairs, and increasing physical functionality and work towards decreasing pain without use of narcotics. This training may include the use of ambulating devices, such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment. Physical therapists also assess the need for specialized braces or other appliances that may be required to improve self-reliance or safety. Treatment modalities include heat and cold application, muscular stimulation, therapeutic exercise, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and other techniques to ease pain and treat wounds. They consult with nursing staff and the physician regarding care plans, progress, and changes in treatment protocols.

Special Programs

  • Decreased function or muscular weakness
  • Problems with balance and coordination
  • Head trauma
  • Pain
  • Edema
  • CVA
  • Decreased body movement
  • Limited joint motion
  • Fractures
  • Splints or braces
  • Wheelchair recommendations
  • Lower extremity amputees, with or without prosthetics
  • Joint replacements, diseases, and surgeries

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