Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time
Celebrating Rehab One Success at a Time

Occupational Therapy

Trinity’s occupational therapists and OT assistants re-train residents in self-care skills, such as feeding, dressing, bathing, and grooming. They used graded activities, safety training, and other compensatory techniques to improve activities of daily living. They are specialists in recommending adaptive equipment and other environmental changes to help the patient function safely. They also use splints and positioning devices to correct deformities and increase function. Planning goals for the occupational therapist may include improvement or motor, sensory, perceptual, and cognitive abilities.

Special Programs

  • Self-care: eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene
  • Activities to restore upper extremity strength, gross and fine coordination, and had function
  • Work simplification, energy conservation, and joint protection techniques
  • Perceptual and cognitive skills, including judgement, motor planning, problem-solving, sensory-motor integration, body image, spatial orientation, concentration, and integration of learning
  • Adaptive equipment for self-care, home-management, mobility, and recreation
  • Upper extremity orthotics and splints
  • Home management, including cooking, shopping, housekeeping, and laundry
  • Functional mobility and body mechanics; bed and wheelchair transfers, tub and toilet transfers, and functional ambulation
  • Dementia care development of maintenance programs


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